Riding electric scooters in mountains of east Crete


Road from Sitanos to Kato Zakros is an asphalt road leading from almost the highest point of the east coast mountain range, which is about 700 meters above sea level.  I knew this road from the past when I was exploring these beautiful mountains and plains.  So I prepared a trip for my friends. I brought two electric scooters and one scooter from Czechia to Crete in June. I was thinking that it is a good idea and we can enjoy a lot of fun with this equipment because east Crete is full of long roads leading from mountains to the sea. You can find them, for instance in Xerokambos ( from above Hametoulo you can ride down the hill 10-12 km or from Sitanos to Sitia through Roussa Ekklisia is  21 km long ride).  And this trip has fulfilled our expectations.

How about hot weather? It was not a problem at all, even with temperature reaching 30 degrees Celsius. The wind was blowing  in the mountains and was very refreshing. And when our destination got closer and closer and we were approaching Kato Zakros with its beaches, the hot air was not also a big problem. The hills above Kato Zakros village are pretty steep and when you ride 50-60km/hour, you feel good. And last but not least, you will jump into the sea after reaching Kato Zakros beach.

We made a video from this trip. We let it as it is, with the original audio.  You can find it here: 


 Conclusion: I could recommend such a ride to every fan of outdoor sports and adrenaline. Not only you will be satisfied in this regard, but you will also discover amazing landscape of Cretan mountains. We are ready to assist you with this trip, we can rent you out our scooters. 





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