Xerokambos and Kato Zakros beaches

I have prepared this video from these beautiful beaches. I have used  photos that I made during the last four years. I consider these beaches to be among the most amazing beaches in  Crete. When you come to Xerokambos for the first time, you are amazed. It is an incredible concentration of  fantastic beaches in one place. And  when you come there more times, finally you realize, what distinguishes  Xerokambos and Kato Zakros from other  spots. You can feel some special atmosphere there. The sea is incredibly clean, shallow water, without big waves, beaches almost empty. Not many people there and what is most important - it never disappoints you.  I saw many very nice beaches in Crete at least sometimes with polluted with dirty water ( because of big waves, currents, pollution from human waste), but never in Xerokambos.  

Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52teoiAoXZw





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