Why we have chosen Xerokambos for our money to be invested

Why have we pointed at Xerokambos as an ideal place for our money?

The answer is relatively easy: The most amazing beaches, the most amazing canyons and crags for a climbing, ideal spot for outdoor sports. Look at the reviews at www.tripadvisor.com, and you will see how travelers are excited about Xerokambos. When you visit this place, you cannot get enough of it. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water with colors from turquoise to deep blue, beaches rarely crowded. The Koufonissi island in the distance 13 km from Xerokambos also perfectly fits into our outdoor plans for kitesurfing and fishing trips and kayak adventures. 

To be objective and unbiased, we have used Tripadvisor rating for evaluation of this locality. We looked through all the best beaches in Crete that we could find on Tripadvisor website. Out of 33, Xerokambos beaches were the best. 83% of all reviewers rated Xerokambos beaches as excellent. I recommend you to look at all reviews here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g1526211-d4600150-Reviews-or10-Spiaggia_Xerokampos-Xerocambos_Lasithi_Prefecture_Crete.html



83% of all reviews are EXCELLENT. That is the best result among all beaches of Crete that are in the table below. Interestingly, the first three best-ranked beaches are in the eastern part of Crete, and the most valued beaches in various world rankings, which are Elafonissi and Balos, were ranked as the sixth respective the eight.


For further evaluation of Xerokambos and Kato Zakros, which is a neighboring village, I am using www.booking.com website. This website publishes not only the rating of accommodation but also the evaluation of the locality. You can see from the picture below, that Faros Apartments are rated 9.6, and the location is rated 9.6. I have evaluated all the hotels in the area of Xerokambos and Kato Zakros. There are only 16 hotels at www.booking.com, which is, by the way, the significant advantage for the local hotels. There are not many of them, so the demand for accommodation stays high, unlike other areas ( Hersonissos, Malia).     


I have made the same evaluation for other areas of Crete for comparison. Here you can see how travelers see Crete. Xerokambos area comes as the second best after Chania area. Xerokambos is better in this sense than Elounda, which has the highest rates for accommodation in Crete. Chania town is extraordinary, very exceptional, however, it is a town. It is another kind of experience that attracts another type of travelers. Xerokambos - it is pure nature with its beaches and canyons. Chania - it is a history and culture in combination with beaches around the city.


It is also interesting to look at which villa in the area of Xerokambos has the highest ranking. It is Villa Kalliopi (locality == 10), which is not even close to beaches. Its position is between Xerokambos and Zakros, 6 km from the beaches, surrounded by olive trees. It shows travelers preferences. If the villa is equipped with a big beautiful swimming pool, then it is not necessary to be in a beachfront position. 


Villa Kalliopi


Another diamond close to Xerokambos is Koufonissi island. This small island lies 13 km from Xerokambos and 5 km from the nearest shore (Gouduras).  This island is a natural  reserve with amazing beaches, accessible by motorboats or kayaks. 



According to Travellers Choice Award 2019 ( www.tripadvisor.com award), Crete is fourth behind London, Paris, and Rome and first among beach destinations. According to this ranking, Balos beach is the fifth-best in Europe, and Elafonissi beach is the seventh-best. 


According to the website www.justapack.com, Elafonissi beach is the most beautiful beach in Greece. 




Good weather is essential for travelers. The higher the number of sunny days, the better. Crete is the southernmost island in Europe along with Cyprus. You can find a lot of information regarding sunshine days and hours. The problem is that these pieces of information from various websites are not compatible as we do not know the exact methodology of data collecting. We can compare only comparable, so only places that are compared on one website. I was seeking only trustworthy sources of information. 


Out of all places in the table, Chania has got the most of sunny hours, 2790. However, Chania lies in the west part of Crete, which is, in fact, pretty rainy during winter. Chania is lying below big mountains of Lefka Ori, and winds that bring moisture from the sea stop here, and rains are more frequent than in the east part of Crete. That is why I tried to find more information about the local weather in Crete. Let´s see the next table. 




So Chania has 130 sunny days, Lentas in the south has got 155 days, and Agios Nikolaos has got 145 sunny days.  Heraklion on the north coast has got only 115 sunny days. We think that Xerokambos resembles Lentas. It is a dry region. Xero means dry in the Greek language. So we believe that this part of Crete has got the highest number of sunny days compared with other parts of Crete. And this is  a good precondition even for winter holidays. 

Best locations according to Simpson Travel

This travel company is focused on luxury accommodations. It has got a few villas around Crete, one also in Xerokambos, and two other villas are in Kouremenos, which is next to our second plot in Chiona. In fact, we are proud that we have chosen the same locations for our activities as this leading company did in the segment of luxurious villas placed in the best locations.


I recommend you to read how Simpson Travel describes Xerokambos. It is a fantastic locality, even for them. 



 Another example of very succesful villas in our area is Terra Minoika Villas. These are the best examples for us, we want to be with our projects as good as they are. 


So now you know what attracts us to the east Crete. Why we want to invest our money here. Xerokambos can become the best spot in Crete for outdoor sports like climbing and canyoning very quickly. You can join us. We will be happy to invite new shareholders.

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