Climbing in Kato Zakros, a magical place of east Crete

Kato Zakros is with its Minoan palace, long beach, wild canyon, and many tavernas along the coast, one of the biggest attractions of east Crete. We started to bolt first climbing routes in July 2019, only 300 meters from the remnants of one of the most significant palaces discovered in Crete. Our original intention was to make a bunch of accessible climbing routes in the vicinity of beaches and tavernas. Such an easy climbing would be appreciated by many recreational climbers and their families, as you can combine climbing with sunbathing and just spending time on the beach. So you can climb while the other part of your family or friends is on the beach. Finally, you meet each other in one of the tavernas having a delicious lunch or dinner. I believe that we have succeeded in our intentions. Most of the routes lead in slabs and vertical walls.  The difficulty varies between 5b-6b; pitches are 12-24 meters long; there are 17 routes.

Picture: Kato Zakros Cave area, the south face

Picture: Kato Zakros Cave area, the east face


The next photos show the climbing of the Terra Minoika route, 7a.



You can go sunbathing at some of the beaches after climbing. You can choose between the crowdy main beach or to go to one of the small beaches that lie next to the main beach. However, this shot has been made in the early morning, in time, when tourists are still sleeping.

Come to the east Crete to build this new climbing spot, to make more routes here. There are at least nine canyons between the two villages of Xerokambos and Zakros, that bear a climbing potential. Apart from our seventy pitches done in the last three years, there is no climbing at all. You could drill many years to utilize all the possibilities that mother Nature has prepared here for climbers. It is an excellent opportunity to start from the beginning, create an entirely new tradition of climbing, to find new climbers among locals. We want to build here an outdoor hub that includes not only climbing but also biking, kayaks, scooters, kitesurfing, canyoning. We want to create a spot where people can meet each other, share experience, enjoy sports and work. You can find more information at

















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