Kato Zakros Cave


This crag offers fantastic views, looking towards the south you will be able to see beaches of Kato Zakros, tavernas in the village, the whole valley with remnants of the Minoan palace, olive groves, canyon Gorge of the Dead, hills surrounding Kato Zakros. It is beautiful. In addition, you are 200 meters from the sea, you can enjoy both climbing and water activities during the day. You can even combine climbing with tavernas, you will like local food, beer and coffee.
The crag offers partly yellow, smooth limestone, some routes lead in grey, sharper material. The crag abounds in pitches of 6a-6b, pitches are well bolted and that is why even beginners can enjoy climbing here. Most of the routes are shorter than 20 meters, however, it is better to have at least 50 meters long rope.

Kato Zakros Cave belongs to a local group of crags surrounding the villages of Xerokambos and Zakros. There are at least ten canyons, that are close to each other and where climbing can be developed. Xerokambos has six of them, Zakros has three. Currently climbing is at the beginning here, only a tiny part of all possibilities is exploited.
This local cluster of crags has the potential to become one of the best climbing areas in Greece and this potential is still waiting to be discovered. Our Zakros team is working here hard, however, we are only a small group of climbers. We will be very happy to invite every climber to our team to help us with our effort.



Discovered for climbing by Petr Fiala in July 2019.





1. Your responsibility, 5b, 17m, Petr Tužil, 2019

Easy pitch on good holds, grey, sharper limestone

2. Minoan summer, 6a, 13m, Petr Fiala, 2019

Easy start, then climbing on good holds.

3. Not so bad, 6a+, 13m, Petr Fiala, Petr Fiala Jun., 2019

This route offers nice climbing on good holds with difficulties in the final section.

4. Ádr climb, 6a, 24m, Petr Fiala, Petr Tužil, 2019

Slightly leaning rock with difficulties in the central section, nice technical climbing on good pockets. Grey, in some places sharper limestone.

5. Asshole in 1, 6a, 23m, Petr Tužil, Petr Fiala, 2019

Very interesting, technical climbing on slightly sharper limestone.

6. Hole in 1, 6b, 23m, Petr Fiala, Petr Tužil, 2019

Nice route with one bouldery section through the small roof in the lower part of the pitch. The final section is the same as in "Asshole in 1".

7. Gilette´s, 6a+, 18m, Petr Fiala, 2019

Nice climbing along the pillar, very sharp holds in the final section.

8. Oasis, 6a, 12m, Petr Fiala jun.n Petr Fiala, 2019

Technical climbing on leaning rock with small rock steps, yellow limestone.

9. Beginners quest, 5b, 12m, Petr Fiala Jun., Petr Fiala, 2019

Easy climbing on leaning yellow rock with small rock steps.

10. Greek roulette, 6a, 15m, Petr Fiala Jun., Petr Fiala, 2019

Easy start, then nice climbing on good holds in yellow limestone. One longer move is in the final section.

11. Efcharisto, 6b, 16m, Petr Fiala Jun., Petr Fiala, 2019

Easy lower section in grey limestone on leaning rock, then a vertical wall with crux in the final section below the chain.

12. Parakalo, 6b, 18m, Petr Fiala Jun., Petr Fiala, 2019

Easy start, then technical climbing in the vertical yellow wall and with a tricky final move to the chain ( hidden pocket).

13. Drsný Hůlka, 6a+, 18m, Petr Tužil, 2019

Climbing on pillar with good holds in grey limestone. An athletic final section in a slightly overhanging wall.

14. Fidži express, 6a, 15m, Petr Fiala, Petr Tužil, 2019

Continuos on good pockets in grey sharper limestone in the first half of the pitch, then yellow smooth rock to the chain.

15. Summertime madness, 6a+, 15m, Petr Fiala, Petr Tužil, 2019

Intense start through a small overhang, then a vertical wall in grey, sharp limestone with good crimps and pockets.

16. Terra Minoika, 7a, 14m, Petr Fiala Jun., Petr Fiala, 2019

Beautiful route with overhanging start and crux at the exit from the overhang, then continuing on a vertical wall with good pockets and edges.

17. Open project, 8a, 14m, 

Grade estimated, open project for everybody with the very bouldery central part at the exit from the overhang. Route is completely bolted.






Go by car to Kato Zakros village. You can park behind taverna Akrogiali. Continue on foot along the coast until you reach the goat gate at the end of the village. Turn left and follow a path along the fence for about 100 meters. You will see the crag on the right side. Climb for 3 minutes to the crag.





Pitch Beginners quest, climber Petr Fiala Jun.


Picture: Oasis, climber Petr Fiala



Picture: Greek roulette, climber Petr Tužil


Picture: Beginners quest, climber Panos Tsampanakis


Picture: Petr Fiala junnior climbing Terra Minoika, 7a







 Picture: How we drilled "Fidži express".





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