The gorge of Xerokambos ( Lamnoni gorge)

The largest canyon in the region of Xerokambos with a lot of climbing potential. The Gorge of Xerokambos is a three kilometers long canyon with a huge climbing potential. It goes from the north-west to the south-east. Both sides of the canyon are climbable. We started bolting in the upper part of the canyon, in sectors that are north-east oriented. However, if you have enough energy and bolts, you can bolt whenever you want.

The north-east side of the canyon is on the left side when you go from the village of Xerokambos along the regular path. The north-east side of the canyon is in the shade in the afternoon. So the best time for climbing during the summer months is after 1 p.m. However, in more north-oriented sectors, you can climb earlier ( the Red Rock and the Kókkino Vrácho sectors). You can climb all day during spring, winter or autumn.

Big birds like eagles and vultures are nesting in this canyon during spring. So be aware of this fact.


Pictures: The Red Rock sector



1. Red Rock Route, open project, 60m - The first project bolted in the area. It leads to the top of the crag, so it is possible to get from here to the car if you park close to the road Ziros-Xerokambos.

2. Open project 20, 28m - this route ends at the first belay station of the Red Rock Route.

3. Eagles Nest open project, 65m, three-pitch route - this route leads in the corner in the good quality limestone.

4. Open project 21, 38m 

5. Chelsea Hotel, open project, 60m, three-pitch route - a beautiful route leading to the top of the crag.

6. Chelsea Hotel variant, 24m

7. Open project, 65m, three-pitch route. There must still be bolted first pitch.




 Picture: The Kókkino Vrácho sector - this sector lies in a distance of 100 meters from the Red Rock sector. There are right now five routes ( open projects) and a lot of potential for easy routes up to grade 6 ( French).


1. Kyrie Eleison, 25m - an open project. A nice climbing with the crux in the first third of the route.

2. Marsyas, open project, 25m - an overhang in the middle of the wall is crucial.

3. Apollo, open project, 25m - very nice climbing with the crux in the middle part of the route.

4. Foxfire, open project, 24m 

5. Stíny na duši, open project, 25m - very nice climbing along the aréte.



The access

The easy way how to get to the canyon is to use a regular path from the Xerokambos. It takes you 50 minutes to get to our sectors "Red Rock" and "Kókkino Vrácho". The second possibility is to go with a car above the canyon and descend to the canyon from the top. In this case, you park two kilometers before the village Hametoulo ( road from Xerokambos to Ziros). Go along the yellow mark from the parking lot to the canyon. This route takes 15 minutes. However, there is at least one difficult place where you have to abseil down eight meters. There is a fixed rope installed. Be aware that you are descending in a highly protected area ( Natura 2000, archeological site).

Picture: The access from the village of Xerokambos lasts 50 minutes and is not very difficult. 



Picture: Map of the canyon. It takes 10 minutes to get by car from the Xerokambos village to the parking No 2.


Picture: A detail of the map


Picture: When you take the path from the upper parking lot, then you have to abseil down eight meters. However, it is not a difficult place to overcome. When I was there for the first time, I climbed it down without any protection. 


Picture: A look at the path from the downside.








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